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Name- Johnny Lock
Age- 21
Occupation- Hero by day, Hero by night

Origin Story:
Johnny moved to Paragon City at the age of 8. His Parents moved here for a better living. Both parent were doctors who worked at the Steel Canyon medical center. After a week of living in the city everything seem to go well. Unfortunately a Clan of Freakshow ambushed the medical center and Killed everyone in sight including Johnny's parents. Johnny happened to be in the building, instead of killing him the Freakshow took him. They brought him to one of their underground Labs. They wanted to make Johnny the Most powerful Freakshow yet. Someone with healing ability, so that the freakshow would never die. Someone with Physic Powers, so that he would know that he would know when a hero is near by or how to things were going to look for the future of the Freakshow. Someone who can hide in the shadows and heroes would never be able to see him coming. All that back fired on the Freakshow. Little did they know that they were making him to powerful, powerful enough that he broke free and killed the clan of Freakshow. From there on out he became a Hero. Then He met a hero and great leader of the F.C.D. , Cosmic Dust. So Now as a member of the F.C.D. and a hero of great powers he seeks out the leader of the Freakshow and hopes to bring him to his knees.








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