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Name: Stacey Cambell
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Origin Story:
Stacey has lived in Paragon City all her life. She grew up in Atlas Park , she had a very normal childhood and it was when she went to Paragon that life started to change for her. She was in the library studying as she always was on a Friday night and she heard screams of horror erupt from the back section of the great room. She was rarely scared so she took off for that section to see what the matter was. She rounded the last book shelf and there were 5 of the scariest circle of thorns acolytes she had ever seen. She froze in her steps and quickly tried to hide. She then realized that she was really frozen in her steps as the mage cast a holding spell on her and she was lifted from the ground hovering about 2 ft from the floor and brought into the center of the small study alcove. The mage reached into his robes and pulled forth a book bound in human flesh and started chanting. She could feel the life force being drained from her and just before the spell was concluded a bolt of energy hit the mage straight in the chest. His body fell to the floor lifeless. The room turned into a hurricane with Stacey being in the eye of the deadly force. She screamed as loud as she possibly could and for a second everything went quiet and then the hurricane pushed outward throwing the rest of the CoT members through the walls and out the building. Stacey hit the floor and fell unconscious. Moments later she came to in the arms of a hero of paragon and he confided to her that the spot that the spell was cast from was very powerful and was needed to have the spell go off as planned. Without the book the CoT wouldn’t b able to recreate the spell. She felt fine and the hero escorted her home that night. The next day she was walking to school when she witnessed a car crash. She immediately ran to the car and tried to free the pinned man inside. She pulled on the door but it was wedged too much for her strength to budge it. She was crying and screamed in frustration and that’s when it happened, the whole car flew into pieces and the man inside was killed. She looked in amazement and horror at what she had done. She vowed from that day forward to harness her powers and use them for good. Along her career she has met a lot of heroes but one day she met a hero called Mental Shadow. He invited her to be in his SG and she accepted. She then got an email from him that he was disassembling his SG to join a new one. They played phone tag for a couple of days and when she finally caught up with him he told her of the Federation of Cosmic Defenders and there leader Cosmic Dust. She was overwhelmed by there noble cause and the genuine abundance of self-sacrifice, so when he extended her an invitation to become a member she jumped at the chance. Since then she hasn’t looked back, for being on a team such as this was her dream from the start of her heroine career. Led by Cosmic Dust and Mental Shadow the Federation has flourished and will continue to do so for years to come!






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