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The Beginning

As the Rikti invaders pushed further past the Galactic Alliances defenses, the more the war supports doubted the Alliances abilities. That is when the news of a courageous young General named Cosmic Dust started making a difference in the war. His unit only known as the Defenders was striking fear into the so called hearts of the Rikti. The Defenders were hitting so hard and precise that the Rikti invaders holdings were was diminishing quickly. As a final move to stop the Defenders the Rikti devised a scheme to trick the Defenders into a winless situation. The Rikti were going to send false information out to lure the Defenders to the planet Solaris III. There the Rikti would show the Alliance its full potential in an all out assault on the Defenders. As the information reached Cosmic Dust he wondered if it would be a trap only to lure him there. As a General he had to always worry about this type of information getting to him, especially so easily. But he knew he had to take the chance, everyone in the Alliance looked for him to stop the war and end the Rikti Invaders once and for all.

As the Defenders prepared for the upcoming operation to Solaris III, the Alliance announced that General Cosmic Dust would be given the rank of Defender General and he was to receive the Galaxies Helmet. During his speech he let the Alliance know that even though he received the new rank, he would not step down from his in command of the Defenders and join the other Defender Generals on the War Council. Cosmic Dust left the Alliance Grand Hall during a stand ovation, for the Solaris III operation awaited. As the Defenders raced towards Solaris II, all Cosmic could think of were his men in his unit. A gangly group of individuals who alone could barely fight but together were an unstoppable force feared by there enemies. As he knew that anyone of the unit’s member would surly give there life for another as would he himself for his unit. As the siren alarmed for there soon approaching destination Cosmic Dust readied his men like no other time. Making it known that this might be a trap and if it were a trapped to fight o stay alive and get back the ship as soon as possible. At that moment their ship slammed to one side as if smacking into a wall. As Cosmic tried to get to his feet, he noticed the command monitor showing a hole in the side of the aircraft. As he dispatched people to fix it the hull, the ship was slammed again. As Cosmic looked at the command monitor it showed twenty ships where there were none a few seconds ago. Men started to take their positions for the upcoming battle aboard the very own ship. As the command monitor started beeping and screaming they all knew that the Rikti were onboard. The Defenders aimed at the bulkhead door ready for anything to happen. That is when it went silent. All the Defenders looking at each other in confusion, then the silence was broken by a screeching sound of plasma cutter going through the outer hull above the command deck on the outside of the ship. As Cosmic flipped through the ships camera’s looking for signs of live all he could make out were the Rikti’s damn mindless monkeys hoping around everywhere. Angry at himself for allowing this to happen, allowing himself to put his men into this trap. Cosmic decided to stand tall and hold off the Rikti, he got his crew ready for an all out last man standing fight his ship against there twenty. His fear had changed to hate and anger and he wanted to destroy as many Rikti as possible before he meet his end.

But before the Defenders could begin there last fight all systems shut down, the Rikti had reached the power supplies and disabled them. Cosmic looked around at his men all of whom were ready for what ever wanted for them, for they all knew that this was a dead end. None of them thought that there time was going to happen like this, but all looked their deaths in the face and laughed. As Cosmic walk away from the command monitor the bulkhead door blew open and a barrage of plasma fire filled the doorway. Both sides not seeing who they were firing at, they just knew to shot through the door. As the bodies of his Defenders started to fall in battle Cosmic made a dash towards the door firing as much as he could. As soon as Cosmic was about to reach the door his second of command a brute named Rok, grabbed him in a full on bear hug pulling Cosmic back from the door. Tell Cosmic that “Now is not your time Sir, we will hold them off long enough for you to do something.” Cosmic shrugged off what he said and tried to run towards the door again, and again Rok grabbed him but this time didn’t let go. The Defenders started making a shield around Cosmic to protect him as Rok dragged Cosmic to the escape command pod. As they reached the escape pod Cosmic kept trying to get Rok to let go but he knew he would be able to but he had to try. He didn’t want to leave him Defenders now when they needed him the most. Rok opened the pod door and throw Cosmic inside, as the door shut Cosmic heard Rok say, “We do this for the Alliance”. All Cosmic could do was watch as his Defenders dead at the hands of the Invading Rikti. As the escape pod shot out he noticed that when Rok had thrown him in, Cosmic had smashed into the navigation controls. There was no way that he could control the pod and where it went. Cosmic opened the panel for the navigation controls and started looking for a way to fix the problem; the only thing is he didn’t know what he was looking for. Cosmic pounded his hand s on the control desk, things started to beep and lights started to flicker. Then the monitor showed a count down till hyper space activation, Cosmic hurried to the chair and snapped in the buckle just as the timer hit zero.

The force of the hyper space activating had sent Cosmic unconscious. When Cosmic woke up he could tell he had landed, he just wasn’t sure where. He brought up the atmosphere controls and got a read out of the planet. He didn’t recognize the name of the system or the planet for that matter. As he opened the hatch and looked around he saw green trees and a blue sky. But the thing that caught his eye was a green smoke flowing toward the sky and the other side of the tree line. Cosmic decided to check it out. As he got closer to the tree line he heard faint chanting, words that were unknown to him. Cosmic snuck behind a tree and slowly moved his head to take a look at what was going on. He noticed the most awkward looking 4 hooded people surrounding a floating female. As the colorful one approached the floater he pulled out a knife a reached up and grab the arm and began to cut the female’s arm. As the colorful person cut the female began to scream. As Cosmic heard the sound he flashed back to the fight on his ship as he went to turned he snapped a branch under his foot. The hooded figures turned there heads at the same time, and started to walk towards the tree. Cosmic knew he couldn’t let someone get hurt like that when he could do something about it. As the hooded people reached the tree Cosmic spun around a kicked the first in the head so hard it snapped his neck. The second one shot an arrow at Cosmic. As Cosmic went to move from the path of the arrow, the colorful one’s hands began to move and Cosmic stopped suddenly and couldn’t move. The arrow sliced Cosmic’s right arm. At that point Cosmic knew to kill the colorful one next. As soon as the hold was released, Cosmic let the energy build up inside him and released a massive bolt of electricity out from the hands that beheaded the colorful one. When the other two hooded figures saw that they started to run, the screaming victim fell to the ground. The female got up and run to Cosmic saying something but he didn’t understand. As Cosmic smacked his helmet the translator kicked on and Cosmic could understand that the female was thanking him. She didn’t know any other way to thank him but to give him some currency which she called influence and a green medicine which she said would heal his wound. As she started to walk away Cosmic grabbed her arm and asked her, “Where am I?” With a smile on her face she said “ Perez Park, in Paragon City, hero.” Cosmic looked at her confused. She grabbed his arm and told him, “Here I will show you someone who can answer all your questions.” As they left the park Cosmic noticed groups of people, evil looking people all around. As they walked towards a big gate Cosmic noticed the words Atlas Park on the walls and two armed guards. They continued there way to as she put it someone called Miss Liberty, who she claimed to be a hero just like me and a person qualified to answer all my questions.









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